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(Last Updated On: March 22, 2023)

Children are the future of the nation, they will lead the nation in the future, this is one of the most pronounced words, everyone should come forward for the rights and protection of children. Children are still largely neglected in society in terms of rights. Still, most of us think that since children are young, they have less ability to make demands, they have less opportunity to organize, food, clothing, everything is needed in less quantity, so their rights are probably relatively low in status and there is no accountability in implementation. Many girls face deprivation when they are children. But this idea is completely wrong. First of all, children should be encouraged from the family, only you can do it, this world is for you.

Bangladeshi world traveler Kazi Asma Ajmeri, who has traveled to hundreds of countries along with young students, was present as the chief guest in the discussion program entitled “Amra Shishu Amra” at Madarbari Ghashful Paran Rahman School in the city on January 23, 2023 at 11 am.

Ghashful Assistant Director Sadia Rahman was present as a special guest in the event, Ghashful Paran Rahman School Principal Mahmuda Akhtar presided the event. The program was conducted by Sirajul Islam, coordinator of Ghashful Education Program. The documentary “Shishuder Paran Rahman” filmed on Ghashful founder Paran Rahman was screened at the event.

Bangladeshi world tourist Kazi Asma Ajmeri said as the chief guest – Bangladesh is my mother and land, wherever I go in the world I represent my country. We are all aware of children’s rights from our own place and encourage children.

In the speech of the special guest, Sadia Rahman said – Ghashful founder Paran Rahman has worked to advance the backward people of the society. Development agency Ghashful is working to complete her unfinished works. Children can create themselves through various creative activities. Children should be encouraged to participate in various creative and competitive activities.

Bangladeshi world traveler Kazi Asma Ajmeri commented that children of Bangladesh are ahead in many areas in terms of mindfulness and creativity than other countries in the world. School teachers and students participated in the event.

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