hylte dating apps Mount Gambier Agriculture sector plays an important role in overall economic development of Bangladesh. Achieving the target of self-sufficiency in food is one of avowed goals of the present Government. One of the major sub-sectors of agriculture is producing vegetable. But the main obstacle in vegetable farming is the pests and the insects. This situation makes the cultivators depend on toxic chemical pesticides. Many of these insecticides have been banned or severely restricted elsewhere in the world because of known health impacts such as lymphoma, leukaemia, lung cancer, etc, 

valsta speed dating With an aim of developing the value chain of safe vegetable and spice production, Ghashful as the partner of PKSF initiated the PACE project in 2017, at Hathazari Upazila of Chittagong District. The purpose of this project is to increase income of the farmer through cultivation of safe vegetable and spices, especially red chili. Usually different kinds of traps (Pheromone Trap, Yellow Trap, Light trap, Trico grama Trap etc.) are used instead of any toxic chemical fertilizer. It helps to restore the bio diversity of the land as well.

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usa navy dating site PACE I

To increase the income of the farmers through value chain development of safe vegetable and spices production, especially red chili.


To increase income of the farmer through technology development for cultivating high valued fruits and vegetable.

https://pwvta.org/41264-žena-hledám-člověka-35204/ Major activities


  • Agricultural equipment and input supply
  • Training on Safe food production 
  • Demonstration plot on Red Chili, Black pepper vegetable, Floating vegetable and fodder etc. 
  • Vermicompost demonstration 
  • Pheromone trap, Trichogramma, Bracon 
  • Exposure visit 
  • Safe vegetable sale center development 


  • Equipment and input supply
  • Training on Safe and high valued fruit production 
  • Demonstration plot on Barhi dates, Coconut, Avocado, Dragon, Coffee.  
  • Vermicompost production
  • Exposure visit 
  • Fruits sell center development and online based sell as Shuponno (Quality production)
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