Livestock Unit

Livestock, Fisheries and Agriculture Unit

Ghashful Agriculture and Livestock Unit aims to reduce poverty through promoting micro-enterprise both in firm and non-firm sector. For the poor people of rural areas, owning livestock can be considered as assets or properties. Hence, Ghashful has introduced this program in collaboration with PKSF in 2016 to increase livestock related income generating activities among the poor. The ultimate goal of this unit is to assist the rural people to rear livestock in economic purpose as a source of cash-flow for them and to increase food production as a source of necessary protein.

This unit demonstrated and taught improved production technologies on goat rearing, dairy cattle production, beef fattening and vermi-compost production among the beneficiaries. Selected beneficiaries were being provided with farming input, i.e. housing design, fodder cutting, sapling, vaccines and technical advices in addition to these services. During the project life, significant achievements have been evident in vermi-compost production, plant establishments, goat rearing, cattle production etc. 

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