Legal Aid (GKNHRIB Project)

Gender, Knowledge, Networking & Human rights Intervention in Bangladesh (GKNHRIB) Project

Violation of human rights is a common phenomenon in our country. Specially, the underprivileged people with almost no legal aid become the victim of their basic human right violation every now and then.

To address this issue, Ghashful has implemented a project titled, ’Gender, Knowledge, Networking & Human rights Intervention in Bangladesh (GKNHRIB)’ since 2003 which continued till the year 2006.

This project focused on establishing human rights in Patiya upazilla with the Assistance of Bangladesh Legal Aid & Services Trust (BLAST).


  • To stop rights violence against women.
  • To modernize traditional mediation and ensure judgement for the women.
  • To strengthen network among social actors and institutions dealing specifically with human rights issues.
  • To develop documentation, research and analytical capacity that identifying the most important human rights issues in Bangladesh.

Key activities of the project:

  • Community Awareness activities
  • Legal Awareness Building Training and Workshop
  • Mediation sessions
  • Human Rights Fair
  • Day observation
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