Clinical services

Community Health Program- Clinical Services

Ghashful has been providing its health services through Community Health Program which is an integrated health approach to address the healthcare issues in the working areas- Hathazari and Patiya Upazila, Chattogram City Corporation areas of Chattogram district and Naogaon district.

Ghashful is providing two types of clinical services to its client through Community Health program. These are:

  1. Fixed Clinic
  2. Satellite Clinic

Fixed Clinic

Different types of medical services are provided in a fixed clinic. It is a source of regular-basis health service for the community people. Registered physicians, skilled and trained nurses and health assistants along with experienced TBAs are available in the fixed clinic from 9 am to 5 pm to serve the vulnerable community people.

The center is well-equipped with medical instruments, and people can avail services to have pathological tests, services from doctors between 9 am- 1:30 pm, necessary medicines, including free medicines for extremely poor patients.

Also, beside the routine works, special sessions are arranged twice a week where people can get different types of health services including maternal and general health treatments.

Satellite Clinic

The Satellite clinic has no fixed place. The roaming clinic has successfully been providing medical services from door to door at slum areas of Chattogram city and rural areas.

The extreme poor urban slum dwellers suffering from various health problems and diseases are unable to afford health care services from the private clinics. They do not have adequate opportunities to avail health services, neither they are aware of their health risks.

The TBAs living at slums are primarily responsible to arrange the clinical sessions at their respective slum areas. The TBAs are generally appointed by Ghashful.

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