Governance & Management


The Governance team consists of: 

  1. Honorary Advisory Committee
  2. General Body
  3. Executive Committee

The Advisory Committee of Ghashful is provides essential strategic directions to the organization to continue the activities effectively. The committee consists of 3 honorary members. Members of Advisory Committee.

The General Body is the supreme decision-making authority of Ghashful. The General Body of 21 members of the organization is fully responsible for the overall policy making and directions for the Executive Committee and management of Ghashful. All types of major rules, regulations and policies are formulated by the General Body before they come into action. Members of General Body.

The Executive Committee is vested with the overall management of the organization. It consists of 7-members. Distinguished professionals, activists and entrepreneurs are elected by the governing body for three years and bring forth their diverse skills and experiences for the highly effective governance of Ghashful. All types of major rules, regulations and policies are formulated by the Executive Committee before they come into action.  Members of Executive Committee.


The Management Team consists of:

  1. Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  2. Senior Management Team (SMT)
  3. Program / Project Implementation Team (PIT)

The Chief Executive Officer is the highest rank of the Management team, and is vested with keenly supervising and leading the execution process of the organizational activities. 

Under the leadership of the CEO and following the policy guidelines from Executive Committee, the SMT operates the implementation of all the activities along with the project support unit and other committees, ensuring transparency and accountability. 

PIT is responsible for thorough supervision of execution process of all programs/projects of Ghashful in an accountable and transparent manner. A monthly coordination meeting is held among PIT members to give about the updates of the activities. PIT is result based management committee.

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