Community Health Program- Health-card facilities

Under Community Health Program, Ghashful is providing Health-card facilities to the marginalized communities to make quality healthcare services more accessible for them.

Family Health service with Health Card

With an aim of providing basic healthcare services to the community people, Ghashful has been implementing the Health Card project as a means of providing health support to the extremely poor people.

In 2011, Ghashful launched the ‘Health Card Project’ with the support of INAFI Bangladesh and Rock Feller Foundation. After completion of the project duration, Ghashful has been implementing the project by its own initiative in both urban and rural areas.

The poor and vulnerable people of Bangladesh, especially in rural areas, are deprived of getting proper and sufficient medical services in time, as they lack necessary knowledge about where to go and from where to seek the needed healthcare services. Considering the obstacles, Ghashful has been implementing the project to establish the rights of the vulnerable and poor community to get access to medical services. 

The community people of Ghashful’s working areas, including Ghashful Samity members, can get this service for one year. There are two types of cards. A card holder can get medical services along with maximum five of his/her family members. Card is renewable after the duration of validity with fixed charges for fixed time. 

Besides getting the general medical treatment, the card holder can also avail the facilities of taking diabetic test, pregnancy test at a low price. To grow awareness among the card holders about family planning, nutrition, sanitation etc. is an added initiative of the program.

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