Social forestation

Forestry is uniquely positioned to make a major contribution to addressing the problems of environmental degradation and rural poverty, given the multiple roles that trees can play in the provision of food, the generation of income and the maintenance of the natural resource base. Sustainability should mean that the local population does not degrade its natural resource base, at least not irretrievably, but rather maintains or even improves it.

With an aim of achieving environmental sustainability, Ghashful has introduced the program named Social Forestation in rural areas to increase the responsiveness and resilience to fight off the climate change happened in 1997. The area coverage Chattogram City Corporation Area, Patiya, Hathazari, Anowara Upazila and Coastal belt of Chittagong.

In association with local government and educational institutions, Ghashful has been implementing the program to reduce the high rate of deforestation and its consequences. With the financial assistance from its fund, the organization is conducting the activities including a random distribution of saplings among the institutions and communities to increase the rate of social forestation to protect the zone from the adversities caused by greenhouse effect.

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