ICT for Development

ICT for Development: Ghashful Palli Tathya Kendra

This is the era of technology and information is one of the main elements of success and sustainability. Ghashful Palli Tathya Kendra (PK) started its journey in 2007 and continued the program till 2010 with the assistance of D.Net. under the project of ‘ABALAMBAN-2’. After completion of the project, the initiative is continued by Ghashful’s own contribution till 2017. Rural and marginalized people who don’t own computers, phones, televisions or other ICTs could come to a common access-point and use ICTs for free of cost or for a minimum fee with the help of an ICT familiar person, if required.


Basic Computer Training

Ghashful Palli tathya Kendra is established as learning center for basic computing skills, including e-mailing and internet browsing. There were 23 students and job seekers and relatives of migrant citizens who were given orientations on basic computer training.

Help Line Services

The Ghashful Palli tathya Kendra uses three types of information delivery mechanism i.e. mobile to mobile, mobile to letter and letter-email to letter-email. Through the project life, 33 person received information through help line services, 15 person received e-mail and Internet browsing services. The villagers also went to Ghashful Palli Tathya Kendra to receive suggestions, advises and information as per their need. Especially the tele-help on medicine, agriculture and legal supports were most popular. 

Photography and others ICT services

Ghashful Palli Tathya Kendra provided different types of ICT services to meet the need of users including photograph processing, computer compose, CD writing, mobile call, processing government forms, different admission forms etc. During the project life, a total of 187 community people received the photograph and other ICT services. In addition, 98 students also received photography services from this center.

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