Adaptation To Technologies

Ghashful always gives emphasis on new technology adaptation to reduce natural risks and to fight against natural disaster at the same time. In the lower zone and flood affected area the organization has introduced floating vegetable cultivation system and plants that are survivable in any kind of vulnerable situations.    

Working towards reducing disaster risk in all aspect is one of the prime concerns of Ghashful. Since inception in 1972, the interventions undertaken by Ghashful had been based on the relief works. Ghashful re-activated its emergency rescue oriented activities through relief work again in 1991 targeting the cyclone victims. Since 1991 the organization has been implementing the activities under the program. Among the beneficiaries, fire victim gets support with home appliance and cash benefit. Also, after an accidental death, the Risk Coverage Fund supports funeral rites to the deceased family as well. 

As a part of the disaster risk reduction in time of fire, cyclone, landslide and flood etc., Ghashful credit policy has the provision to compensate the victim with direct financial benefit. The organization owns a rescue team that is working always for raising awareness and confirming safety in emergency-based rescue activities. Ghashful is a member of district disaster management committee. 

Besides, Ghashful has a trained rescue team with 150 members. The team received training from Civil Defense department of GoB. The policy and intervention has clear guideline about disaster. 


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