Diversity for PEACE Project

Bangladesh, being a secular country, bears a population that is an amalgamation of different religions, cultures and values. Social coherence is one of the most sensitive issues to deal with while implementing any social development initiatives. In connection to this Ghashful has intervene a project called Diversity for Peace under UNDP Bangladesh in collaboration with HerStory Foundation.  

Initiated since April 2021, the project aims at enhancing inclusivity and tolerance through citizen engagement with a focus on youth, women, and vulnerable & ethnic groups. The project is executed at three Unions of Hathazari upazila in Chattogram district- Guman Mardan Union, Mekhal Union, and Forhadabad Tripura Para Ethnic Community.

Religious radicalization, lack of fundamental rights and digital awareness, matched with low empathy, create a perfect breeding ground for inter-communal hatred. Hence, the project’s targeted people/beneficiaries are involved in activities which will make them capable to get engaged with people with conflicting values and make them tolerant to work together in order to build a coherent society.

Major activities:

  • Conducting Life-skills Training for 360 Youths
  • Arranging Football Matches
  • Campaigning and organizing awareness building activities
  • Organizing “Shompriti Fair”
  • Forming Social develoment committees
  • Building up volunteerism among people
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