NEST Program

Need of Education and Skills Training (NEST) for the Children at Risk Program

Addressing the child right issues, Ghashful has initiated a rights oriented project in 2009 named “NEST- for the Children at Risk” with the assistance of Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF). The project aims to establish a conducive environment for the underprivileged and working children by providing appropriate education along with necessary skills training and refer to other relevant actors and services.

A consortium namely NEST consortium consisting of three NGOs (ELMA, OACH and Ghashful) has been constituted with the view to implement the project and Ghashful acts as lead organization of the consortium. In 2012 the consortium has operated its project activities to achieve the goal, objectives and outcomes.

The project arches different segments of the society for social workers, entrepreneurs, journalists, government officials, religious leaders, even children and adolescents themselves to mobilize for claiming the rights for the children. The project has been implemented in Chittagong city corporation area in 2013. The constitution has operated its project activities to achieve the goal objectives and outcomes among which major achievements are mentioned as follows-

  • 900 number of students received tutorial assistance from Non Formal Education (NFE) centres.
  • 836 NFE students completed pre-primary education and got enrolled in different formal primary schools with the mainstream students.
  • 910 SC students have received to birth registration
  • A research published regarding social economic profile on Tempo sector in Chittagong city corporation area

Moreover, to build an environment which is child friendly and free of hazardous child labour, Ghashful arranged and observed advocacy meetings and seminars in different levels of community.

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