Family planning and Child birth

Community Health Program- Family Planning and Childbirth services

Under Community Health Program, Ghashful is spreading family planning awareness, providing healthcare services to pregnant women and ensuring safe childbirth. 

Family Planning Services for population control

A small happy family with two children at best has been the focal point of Ghashful since its inception. In this perspective, Family Planning oriented healthcare services has been one of the top priority-based development issues. Population control has been a key national concern for the Government of Bangladesh. The pressure of the overpopulation on our land as well as on our socio-economic condition is a great challenge to face along the way to achieving self-reliance. But, the efforts and initiatives from the government are not individually sufficient and viable to combat population growth in an underdeveloped and conservative country like ours, both in urban and rural areas. 

Ghashful, as one of the pioneer organizations in the development sector, is providing basic and comprehensive family planningservice with the assistance of the District Family Planning Department. The organization has been playing a vital role in disseminating proper knowledge and awareness among community people aged between 15 to 40 years for using local contraceptives and other measures to maintain a small family. 

It is mentionworthy that Ghashful received The President Award in 1990 for its contribution in controlling population. The organization was declared to be the best organization in Chattogram by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on the occasion of world population day 1998. Ghashful field workers also received awards of the best workers in the district level family planning sector.

Safe Child Birth Services and Healthcare services for Pregnant and Lactating mother

With an aim of confirming due response to the critical health condition of mothers and the newborn babies, Ghashful is implementing the safe delivery activities in working areas. Reducing the maternal mortality rate is the prime objective of the program. Ghashful emphasizes on appointing skilled attendants at delivery time and referral to a proper service provider for emergency care and thereby strengthening the health care systems and identifying the actions to respond to the delivery related challenges at the community level.

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