MIME Project

MIME Health Project

Ghashful with support from INAFI Bangladesh and Rock Feller had launched MIME Health Project in the year 2011. Ghashful had implemented this project both in urban and rural area with the aim to provide general basic health services to the community people. It is often seen that the public health services and private healthcare institutions serve mostly the people belonging to the solvent class as they can pay more than the poorer sector. As a result, the rights of getting medical services are violated every now and then in our country. Responding to this situation, Ghashful had implemented this project where the members and non-members of MIME project were given a Yellow or a Green Healthcard for a period of 6 months.  

A Green healthcard holder could get medical services along with maximum 5 members of his/her family. The card service was renewable after the expiration of validity with fixed charges for a fixed time. A card holder could not only get general medical treatment but also medicine, diabetic test, pregnancy test at low prices as well as the advocacy and advices regarding family planning, nutrition, sanitation etc. 

During the project life, 3425 of total clients received the Healthcard service where 2245 were from Chittagong City Corporation area and the rest of 1180 in Niamatpur Upazilla of Naogaon district.

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