Youth Development Through Enhancing Progressive Skills and Creativity (YES) Project

Ghashful YES project with the Also, forming local forums to address violence and radicalization to build non-communal and tolerant society.

Bangladesh is passing through a phase called “Demographic dividend” where 60% of the population is between 16-35 years. This is a time of great opportunity as well as challenge. Youth of Bangladesh like in many other countries of the world are most vulnerable to social alienation. Not addressing need of youth may lead them towards violence and other anti-social activities.

With this in mind, Ghashful in collaboration with Manusher Jonno Foundation, implemented YES Project. With the duration of 2019-21 at Chittagong city, the project was a holistic youth development approach- an attempt to strengthen the constructive role of youth society in the formation of a non-communal and tolerant society.

It focused on development of youth through enhancing life-skills and leadership skills, community level voluntary activities, and income generating activities. The project was equipped with a national plan of Action, NSPR-2, Vission-2021 and government-related objectives to ensure favorable environment towards productive practical education, training and self-employment for the youth and bring out their dormant potentialities including leadership and responsible citizenship aiming at national progress.

Major activities:

  • leadership capacity development
  • Inclusion of young people in constructive work
  • Community capability development to prevent extremism
  • Mass awareness in the prevention of extremism
  • Establishment of social wealth among various groups of society
  • Organize local people to prevent extremism
  • Creation of opportunities for proper religious interpretation, public awareness and economic development
  • Empowerment of young people to practice harmonious and tolerant behaviour
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