Sponsor a Child

A child is waiting for your support. 
Change a life today!


Your monthly donation will provide a child in need with tools for better education


Quality Education

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Academic materials

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School uniform

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School Bag

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Medical support

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Co-curriculum activities

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Good food

Monthly Sponsorship Expense Breakdown

No.ExpenseAmount (BDT)
1Books & Notebooks80
2Academic materials (Worksheets, Stationeries, etc)70
3School Uniform95
4Shoes & Socks60
5School Bag50
6School Tiffin50
7School Furniture & Equipment65
8School Events (Sports, Cultural, Study Tour etc.)35
9Teacher’s Training & Content Development55
10Salary – Teacher & School Employees1000
11Need Basis Medical Support10
12Rent and Utilities270
13Repair and Maintenance40
14Administrative Expenses120

We believe children can change the world; but at first, they need education. The socio-economic condition of the children at our school is such that for them it is a privilege to be able to get enrolled in a school. But receiving quality education is actually their basic right. Hence, lending your hand to help even only one such child can bring a meaningful change, and help a family live a life with dignity and come out of poverty cycle breaking social deprivation.

We can connect you with all our 220 students, each of whom can inspire you through their vividly challenging daily-life stories and their desperate efforts for a better future! And you can inspire them by supporting at least one of our students’ monthly education cost of BDT 2000 through our Sponsor A Child program.

With your monthly donated BDT 2000, you will be helping a child-in-need getting a new school uniform, new school bag & necessary school supplies, as well as weekly nutritious meal and need-based medications. Your monthly contribution also enables us design and run multiple co-curricular activities all throughout the year! 

Your contribution however small it seems to you help us tremendously to achieve our goal of spreading quality education and break the shackles of poverty.

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