Second Chance Education (SCE)Continuous call for learning 

Ghashful Second Chance Education (SCE) project mainly aimed at decreasing the dropout rate among school going children by getting back the students not being enrolled for the next classes in schools again.

The Government of Bangladesh (GoB) has decided to implement all Out of School Children (OOSC) Programmes through the Bureau of Non-Formal Education (BNFE) under the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education (MoPME). BNFE has been entrusted with the administrative responsibilities for Second Chance Education (SCE) Program. They accepted charges of Joint Venture (JV) to operate Learning Centres (LCs). BNFE was directly in charge of all operations and  BRAC was awarded the role of Implementation Support Agency (ISA) for SCE Pilot Program (Cohort Model), Sub-component 2.5 `Out of School Children’, PEDP4. The Second Chance Education Pilot Programme operates 666 LCs equally divided in the rural areas of Gaibandha and urban areas of Chattogram. Ghashful working as an implementation partner of BRAC and Ghashful has been operating 142 schools as per the needs of 4197 children under this project with 15 staffs and 142 teachers in urban areas of Chattogram City Corporation.The dropout rate case among the children of unprivileged communities is a concerning factor to fulfill the mission of getting free from the curse of illiteracy. 

Though the efforts and actions to provide scopes for the underprivileged children to get basic primary education at least are continued, the increased number of dropout rate among school going children is not being reduced as per the expectation. This is why the Government of Bangladesh has entrusted three partner NGOs including Ghashful to undertake SCE project to enroll children of 8-14 years in schools with flexible learning strategies which will enable them to complete Grade 1-5 in a certain period of time.

Ghashful has been operating the project with remarkable successes through increasing the number of enrollments of the students of the underprivileged and marginalized drop-out children and ensuring their getting back to schools under Chattogram (urban) City corporation areas.

Till the reporting period, Ghashful has been operating 142 schools as per the needs of 4197 children under this project.  

The major objectives of SCE are;
• To create second chance to complete primary education for the children who are out of school (never enrolled or dropout) for any reasons through flexible learning strategies.
• To create opportunity for the out of school children to integrate in to formal education system at any appropriate level as per their skills and competencies,
• To create opportunity for the missed out children to complete same level of primary education as formal and to attend primary completion exam so that they can enroll in grade six and also can attend skill development courses as appropriate.
• To make the education system responsive to reduce the number of school age children who are out of school and support them to achieve quality primary education.

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  • Children aged 8-14 years who are out of school (never enrolled of dropout) for any reason are the participant group for second chance education. The following are some major criteria that program can follow;
  • Children who are not enrolled in formal primary school children considering the exclusion dynamics.
  • A fair distribution of age and types of out of school children considering the exclusion dynamics.
  •  A fair distribution and boys and girls.
  • A fair distribution of geographical locations.
  • A focus on most marginalized and excluded children who are difficult to reach not only geographically (hill, Island, coastal, haor etc.) but also socially like children with disabilities, children from different ethnic minority groups etc.
    But one of the main drives could be to universalized the coverage by addressing all the eligible out of school children in a particular geographical unit such as Upazila.

Expected Results

Uttiramerūr cyste i underlivet norske poskuespillere Result 1: Increased access to cost effective basic non-formal primary education (NFPE) to 20,000 children who are out of school/dropped out/never enrolled in targeted location.

fairborn gay hookup sites Result 2: Improved performance of the learners who enrolled in grade I and prepare them for further studies.

dating sites for singles zambia Result 3: Increased collaboration between local and central level government officials for piloting second chance education by learning and sharing knowledge from each other.

Working Area:

142 centers Chattogram City Corporation areas 23 CCC Wards with 4 education thanas (Double mooring, Pahartali, Panchlaise & Kotwali) 

Ampanihy gay hook up in greensburg pa Funded by : Bureau of Non-formal Education BNFE and Supported by : BRAC

Project Duration

what does dating mean to a christian Bentota First phase: 1 August 2017 – May 2018 

Second phase: 1 June 2018 – March 2022

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