jardiance prescription card Education is a must for a nation. It is the belief that made Bokul Akhter take the pledge of teaching the drop-out students with the help of Ghashful. She joined the Ghashful Second Chance Education (SCE) Project as a teacher not only for earning money as a professional teacher but also had adopted the profession to fulfill her social commitment to developing the condition of the community people with the means of education. The belief in exploring herself through the engagement with social activities is one of the most respectable missions in her life.

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Stadtlohn gay rencontre orne Being a girl from a poor family, it had been quite impossible for Bokul to be a professional teacher from the perspective of her socio-economic perspective. Bokul Akhter was born in 1995 in a poor family living in Chattogram city.  Her father died during her childhood. Her mother is a housewife. Bokul has three sisters and she is the elder one. To run the family, her family had always been in the extreme need of having


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plan cul gratuit toulouse Fussa financial support. So, she had to work for earning money just after having passed the H.S.C exam. She started her livelihood as a tailor and shouldered the responsibility of her family. The struggling job of a tailor made her deviate from her dream of being a teacher for a while. Fortunately, she came to know about Ghashful and the activities especially under the SCE Project through her sister. She took an attempt to get back to her mission of working as a professional teacher. After facing an interview conducted by Ghashful, she was selected as a teacher for the SCE project.


In 2017, she joined the 15 days long training, conducted under the SCE project. The training program assisted her a lot to play the role of a teacher successfully. She joined the school as a teacher. Bokul had to take this job as a challenge to face as she had to fulfill the mission of working with drop out students. She was supported fully by the Ghashful team members. From the perspective, Ghashful has a great contribution to make her a teacher besides working as a tailor. Now Bokul Akhter can earn money by doing two types of work. The achievement is that her dream of working as a socially committed teacher came true. In the morning she teaches the dropout students and after going home she starts her sewing works. As a result, she can provide a satisfactory level of financial support to her family.

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