thrice hamburg singles test stadt To address the diverse financial needs of the poor entrepreneurs, Ghashful has initiated the Micro Enterprise (ME) Program. Usually the poor business owners lack the ability to meet the requirements of formal banks or financial institutions to get loan. Ghashful MF offer loans for them but, unfortunately the amount is too low to meet the requirement of the business owners. Ghashful ME program has been a great support to overcome the shortcomings. Ghashful ME allows any amount of investment within BDT 50,000 to 10 lacks (excluding land and building used in the enterprise).

best gay hookup apps cordova The members of Ghashful microcredit program are the clients of ME program. The condition is that they have completed at least one year within the groups. The women owners of potential enterprises get priority as the program encourages women entrepreneurship. Women empowerment through earning financial security is one of the prime concerns of the program. The potential women entrepreneurs get loan easily to invest money in income generating activities that even contributes in GDP through ensuring sustainable development and financial security.

partnersuche senioren schweiz Nāgarpur portal randkowy facebook Lianjiang Till June 2020, there are 10702 members with 158.1 million saving balance and 408.24 million outstanding. The cumulative disbursement of this program is 3055.49 million. The service charge of the product calculated in 25% balance reducing rate.  The range for the credit amount of this program is BDT 30,000 to BDT 10, 00,000.

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