Succulent, meaty, sweet, nutritious and deliciously tempting, these are just some words to describe the fruit “Mango”. Bangladesh is one of the top fruit producers in the world. According to the sources of Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE), the mango production in the country during the fiscal year 2018-19, was a little over 23 lakh 72 thousand tons.  Out of the total production, Naogaon produces 3 lakh 33 thousand and 486 tons of mangoes, especially in Niyamotpur, Shapahar, Porsha, Potnitola, and Manda,, while Chapainawabganj produced 2 lakh 75 thousand tons and Rajshahi produces 2 lakh 13  thousand and 426 tons of mangoes. But even, in the fiscal year 2016-17 the produce of mangoes in Naogan was 1 lakh 61 thousand and 910 tons. But most of the cases these mangoes are being cultivated with imbalanced chemical fertilizer, medicines, pesticides and hormones. Farmers are using excessive fertilizers and pesticides to increase mango yield. Many times illegal drugs and chemical care being used which residue remains and consumed with mango. These mangoes are harmful and dangerous to human health. 

Even though mango production in Naogaon is going higher but there is not much awareness in the mango subsector about the use of technology, improved packaging, proper storage process etc. Due to various natural causes a significant amount of mango is often wasted. Again , many of them are wasted because of not picking at the right time . Moreover , other products from mango such as pickles, jellies, chutneys, aamchoors, amsatta ect., does not get fair price due to poor quality and proper preservation and marketing conditions. 

In order to solve all these problems and to produce healthy mangoes to maintain the environment around the living space of the mango farmers, the , expanding the usage of organic fertilizers and pesticides, using vermicompost / Trico compost , proper pest management, capacity building and ensuring access to premium market , Ghashful implemented a sub-project under “ Sustainable Enterprise Project” as a partner organization with PKSF in October 2019. Ghashful implementing this sub-project name “Eco Friendly Mango Production and Trade for Sustainable development of the Enterprises for two years and five months in all the union of Shapahar and Niyamotpur Upozila in Naogaon District. By the end of this sub project in April 2023 it will support to achieve global goal of the main SEP project. The activities of the sub project will be implemented in the business cluster of mango cultivation and trade  to improve the overall business and environment of the micro enterprises. 

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  • Safe mango production
  • Increase production capacity and marketing of ME’s
  • Economic development with competitive price and certification
  • Ensure environmental sustainability with good practice to reduce health and environmental risk

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  • To produce safe mango
  • Expanding the usage of organic fertilizers and organic pesticides
  • Making Vermicompost/Trico compost by using modern technology
  • Capacity building through certification in branding and ensuring excess to premium market.
  • Financial sustainability for mango producers.

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http://baptisteperello.com/64562-rencontre-cougar-jeune-homme-67345/ Revenue Generating Common service facilities development

  • Mango sapling nursery development
  • Establishment of Trico compost and Vermi compost 
  • Develop shops for selling safe mangoes
  • Processing center development
  • Environmental friendly agri inputs suppliers(MEs) development 
  • Establishment of mango cold storage

Non Revenue Generating Physical Activities

  • Sanitation system development in the market for buyers and sellers. 
  • Waste management system development. 
  • Demonstration of integrated pest management, modern variety and, ecological farming. 
  • Website development. 

SEP activity during COVID-19

Ghashful implemented a sub-project “Eco Friendly Mango Production and Trade for Sustainable development of the Enterprises” under “Sustainable Enterprise Project” as a partner organization with PKSF. Under the direction of PKSF, a list of 18 beneficiaries, who are involved in producing safe mango, of the project was prepared in the work-affected areas affected by the pandemic. The project coordinators and the employees of project maintained continuous contact with the beneficiaries and provided them with all kind of advice and assistance.

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