Chhāpar januvia 200 mg With an aim of developing an adolescent friendly environment through helping them to overcome the obstacles imposed by the surrounding society, Ghashful Child Rights Program expanded the Adolescent Development Center. Unfortunately, the existing society is unaware of the condition of adolescents, a very significant stage of growth in the middle of childhood and manhood or womanhood. Excessively imposed confidentiality leads to social stigmatization and consequently, their natural growth, mentally and physically is hampered.

rencontrer imparfait bildung The existing reproductive health services are generally inaccessible for the adolescents. The education program implemented by Ghashful Adolescent Development centers focuses on growing awareness of the essential issues by creating access to accurate information and services. The learning process of the intervention has been contributing much in establishing a sense of equality among the adolescent boys and girls coming from different geographic and socioeconomic circumstances. The gender gap is literally been removed at the primary level. The program is also designed to meet the special needs of former students of NFPE by providing life skill trainings and awareness raising activities.

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