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Australian High Commissioner H. E. Douglas Foskett at Ghashful's ARH Life skill training.
Ghashful plays a significant role in the lives of many Bangladeshis by taking health services and educational information to field areas in order to reach the Urban and rural poor. Programs are carried out by clinics, both fixed and mobile, who deliver general health services, immunizations, family planning advice, and disability prevention through teaching safe birthing techniques, STD and HIV/AIDS awareness programs and health support programs for garments workers. In the same way, Ghashful’s Adolescent Reproductive Health program addresses similar issues with the help of BCCP.

Health Services
- Fixed clinics
- Satellite clinics
- Garment factories

- Immunization
- Safe delivery by Trained Birth Attendants (TBAs)
- FP (non-clinical) methods distribution by TBAs
- FP (clinical) methods (injection & IUD)
- FP (clinical) referral

Vaccination Program

Awareness Building
- TBA workshop
- STD, HIV/AIDS orientations
- Group meetings
- Special day observation

- ARH Life skill Training.

Achievement of Health Program

Sl. No. Intervention No. Population Coverage
1. Fixed clinics 356 11,019
2. Satellite clinics 524 16,988
3. Garments Factories 33 104,523
4. Immunization 850 19,694
5. Safe delivery by Trained Birth Attendants (TBAs) 160 5,922
6. FP (non-clinical) methods distribution by TBAs   36,275
7. FP (clinical) methods (injection & IUD)   2,626
8. FP (clinical) referral   1,058
9. T.T. Women   10,997
10. Vaccination program 850 8,694
11. TBA workshop 25  
12. STD, HIV/AIDS orientations 40  
13. Group meetings 180  
14. Special day observation 100  
Total    3118 217796


Students of Ghashful ESP school in tree plantation program.
Non-Formal Primary Education (NFPE) has been a cornerstone of Ghashful’s programs. NFPE provides relevant education to underprivileged children of rural and slum areas around Chittagong. Ghashful is proud to distribute government-funded textbooks to NFPE students. Ghashful lobbies the government on behalf of students and has become part of the Department of Primary and Mass Education’s book distribution list. Ghashful also operates adult education centers using the Regenerated Freirean Literacy through Empowering Community Techniques’ (REFLECT) program. The REFLECT program teaches valuable health and community awareness information at the same time as increasing literacy and numeracy knowledge Ghashful is also the secretariat of the Adolescent Development Forum (ADF), a forum for 22 NGOs that lobbies for the rights of adolescents to ensure their basic needs are met.

Non-Formal Primary Education (NFPE)
- NFPE schools
- School savings programs
- Children’s spaces
- Theatre and cultural groups
- Special day observation
- Guardian meetings
- Formation of School Management Committees (SMC)
- Vocational training
- Formation and operation of old students forum
- Children’s festival
Adolescent Center
- Vocational training
- Adolescent workshops
- Skill Development Training
- Awareness Program
- Cultural Activities

- Basic and post circle.

March past on Independence day

Education Support Program (ESP)
- ESP NFPE Schools
- Guardian meetings
- Special day observation

Educare K.G.School (Formal).

Overview of Education Program

Sl. No. Component No. of School No. of Student
Boys Girls Total
1. NFP School 10 137 163 300
2. ESP 10 79 221 300
3. Adolescent 2 10 50 60
4. Educare School 1 60 65 125
Total 23 286  499 785


A press conference on WTO
Ghashful programs also include governance and advocacy. Both promote good societal governance and the rights of Bangladeshi citizens. Ghashful carries out proactive research to articulate, influence and change public opinion and government policy on poverty alleviation and sustainable development issues. Ghashful also operates legal aid activities to support underprivileged and poor women. Since 2003, BLAST provides funding for these programs. As an active member of the Federation of NGO’s in Bangladesh (FNB), Ghashful plays a significant role in the development sector.

Good Governance
- Meetings, workshops and training to promote good governance
- Issue-based campaigns
- Issue-based advocacy
- Formation of Community Violence Watch Groups

- Quarterly Ghashful Barta
- Issue-based publications

- Media and affiliated Partners
- Committee formation
- Salish (Mediation)
- Human Rights Education Program (HREP)

Action Research
- Salish (Mediation) Baseline Survey
-Qualitative survey
-Impact survey
-Baseline survey

A rally on Water day

- Monthly report to the Deputy
- Monthly report to the  TNO

- Six monthly Monitoring Report
- Participatory Review & Reflection
  Process (PRRP) Report
- Annual Report

Theatre on awareness raising
- Meeting with stakeholders
- Theatre
- Video screenings
- Special day observation


Ghashful receiving Cheque from past PKSF, MD Dr.Salehuddin Ahmed.
As a method of poverty alleviation, this scheme has proven remarkably successful and helped to improve the lives of poor women and their families. Ghashful aims to empower recipients by incorporating them in Shomitis (groups).  Shomitis become the nerve center of a community with linkages to income generating activities, education facilities, skills training, comprehensive health packages and awareness campaigns about STDs and HIV/AIDS.

Ghashful’s Micro Insurance Policy is a life insurance policy accessible to micro finance recipients.

Ghashful is keen on promoting enterprises of project based on traditional and innovative technologies which can accelerate capital formation in both urban and rural areas in the agriculture and allied sectors as also in the non farm sector.

Component of Microfinance
- Urban Micro Credit (UMC)
- Rural Micro Credit (RMC)
- Micro Enterprise (ME)
- Micro Enterprise Lateral (MEL)
- Ultra Poor Program (UPP)
- Agriculture Micro Credit (AMC)
- Seasonal Micro Credit (SMC)
- Livelihood Restoration Program (LRP)

Ghashful Micro credit Member

- Shomiti management
- Leadership
- Enterprise Development &
  Business Management (EDBM)

- Community meetings
- Special day observation.

Micro Finance at a Glance (November-2018)

Sl. No. Component Member Borrower Savings Balance Cumulative Disburse Cumulative Recovered Outstanding Overdue Area Coverage
1. Jagoron 53486 38655 311961098 8732769700 8156539711 576229989 24633068
  • Chittagong
  • Feni
  • Comilla
  • Dhaka
  • Naogaon
  • Chapainababgonj
2. Agrosor 7195 5903 119460661 2167766000 1944835277 222930723 6392797
3. Buniad 1063 808 3464678 73763000 66835635 6927365 166213
4. Sufolon 8072 6224 38938626 1893670000 1744460812 149209188 8737472
5. Sahos 0 0 0 8000000 8000000 0 0
6. ENRICH 1307 1280 8392907 78572000 42677569 35894431 410496
7. TDS 7499 0 23855050 0 0 0 0
Total 69816 52870 506073020 12954540700 11963349004 991191696 40340046  





Group Meeting of SHOBOUGH
  • (Strengthening Household Opportunity for Women in
Bangladesh to Organize Gardening for Health).

  • Recently, Ghashful launched a program entitled Strengthening Household Opportunity for Women in Bangladesh to Organize Gardening for Health (SHOBOGH).  Financial and technical assistance are received from JICA.  The SHOBOGH project is being carried out in the Patiya and Hathazari upazillas of Chittagong district.  The program develops the homestead gardening skills of destitute rural women.

- Group Formation
- Training
- Technical Assistance
- Marketing Linkage

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