Chubek ivermectin pigs Late Shamsun Nahar Rahman Paran, the founder of Ghashful was an icon in the development sector of Bangladesh. She was a pioneer in women’s rights and women empowerment in Chittagong City. Her dream was to ensure the education, health rights and economic inclusion of the vulnerable and marginalized people in our community. She was the Founder of Lions Club of Parijat Elite and a Melvin Jones Fellow for humanitarian works. She did path breaking role in social innovations, like, working with untouchables, marginalized communities, rehabilitations of War heroines, women freedom fighters. We, the Ghashful family would like to pay our heartfelt homage to her on the occasion of announcing the ending of another successful year. She will remain in our heart for her dedication, commitment and outstanding contributions and philanthropic initiatives and engagement for the betterment of the unprivileged community people and women empowerment.