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The Mission of Ghashful
Ghashful exists to establish and maintain the rights of poor and vulnerable people including women, adolescent  
boys and girls, and children, by making them conscious and self-reliant.

The Vision of Ghashful
Ghashful envisions a conscious, self-reliant Bangladesh where equality and human rights are ensured.

Motivated by the struggle of the Bangladeshi people during their Liberation War of 1971, Mrs. Shamsun Nahar Rahman Paran founded Ghashful with the help of her family and friends in 1972.  Paran wanted to assist the women of her country by addressing the issues that restricted their livelihood.  The later death of her mother from the lack of available medical facilities further motivated her to work as she aimed to assist disadvantaged people by providing access to general medical and specialized maternal care
The name Ghashful, meaning grass flower in Bangla, was selected to symbolize the beneficiaries of  grassroot.

Ghashful has a General Committee (GC) of 21 members.  The GC is the highest policy-making body and meets once yearly to formulate policy, approve the budget and review previous activities. The GC elects seven members to the Executive Committee (EC) for a period of two years.  EC members assist in carrying out the organizations activities as well as decide on future directions for Ghashful and areas for expansion. The Executive Director is responsible for assisting Ghashful staff to implement EC decisions.


Doctor Manjur-Ul-Amin Chy

Doctor Moinul Islam Mahmood
Vice President

Mrs. Sahana Muhit
General Secretary

Kabita Barua
Joint General Secretary

Zerin Mahmood Hossain

Professor Doctor Joynab Begum
Member (Executive  Committee)

Perveen Mahmud, FCA
Member (Executive  Committee)




Aftabur Rahman Jafree
Member (General  Committee)

Professor Dr. Golam Rahman
Member (General Committee)

Golam Mostafa
Member (General Committee)

Samiha Salim
Member (General Committee)

Mrs. Sahana Mozammel
Member (General  Committee)

Jahanara Begum
Member (General  Committee)

Md. Shahid Ullah
Member (General  Committee)

Yasmin Ahmed
Member (General  Committee)

Mrs. Nazneen Rahman
Member (General  Committee)

Doctor Mohammad Mahtab Uddin Hasan
Member (General  Committee)

Mrs. Shamim Akter Rubi
Member (General  Committee)

Md. Ohiduzzaman
Member (General  Committee)

Md. Enamul Hoque
Member (General  Committee)

Mrs. Nazma Jaman
Member (General  Committee)

Legal Status
As the first NGO in the port city of Chittagong, Ghashful has been registered with the District Population Control and Family Planning Department (Reg. No. FP/CTG/1/1978) since 1978. In 1990, Ghashful registered with the NGO Affairs Bureau (Reg. No.: FD DSS/FDO R-376, 1990) in 1993 Ghashful received its registration with the Department of Social Service (Reg. No.: SW/CTG/959/1993) and in 2004 Ghashful received certificate of registration societies of with No. CHC-229 of 2004 from Joint Stock Companies. In 2008 Ghashful also received certificate of registration with No. 00399-01209-00160 dated 16 March 2008 from Micro Credit Regulatory Authority (MRA).


nce its inception, Ghashful has operated in partnership with donors and similar organizations that provided financial support as well as technical assistance.  Currently, Ghashful receives funding from Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (BRAC), Bangladesh Legal Aid and Services Trust (BLAST), Bangladesh Centre for Communication Programs (BCCP), Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID).  A prominent relationship was established with Action Aid Bangladesh (AAB) in 1997 and concluded in December 2005. AAB supported Ghashful’s work with vulnerable slum dwellers to enhance their financial security, knowledge of legal rights and technical know-how. Ghashful is also a partner of the Palli-Karma Sahayak Foundation (PKSF); an autonomous institution that provides financial and technical assistance to local and national level NGOs involved in micro finance programs in Bangladesh.  Other program partnerships have included Pathfinder, ICOMP-Malaysia, Population Concern (UK), JOBS/IRIS, GOB and BPHC.

Project Locations

In the Chittgong City Corporation Ghashful is working in Jalalabad, Mohora, Sulkabahar, Saraipara, Lalkhan Bazar, North Halishahar, North Pathantoli, North Agrabad, Rampura, South Agrabad, Pathantoli, West Madarbari, East Madarbari, Alkaran, Andarkilla, Firingi Bazar, Gosaildanga, North Middle Halishahar, South Middle Halishahar areas and in the Chittagong rural outskirts it is working in Patiya, Hathazari, Anowara and Mirsharai Upazilla.

Dakkhin Khan Union under Uttara Thana.

Sadar and Chhagalnaiya Upazilla

Sadar and Chauddagram Upazilla

Naogaon Sadar, Niamatpur, Manda, Mohadevpur, Patnitala, Sapahar, Badalgachhi, and Dhamoirhat Upazilla

Gomastapur Upazila.


about ghashful | programs | case study | achievement | policy & research | financial | career | media